Don’t Be A Dog

Prompt: Many people believe that loyalty--whether to an individual, an organization, or a nation--means unconditional and unquestioning support no matter what. To these people, the withdrawal of support is by definition a betrayal of loyalty. But doesn't true loyalty sometimes require us to be critical of those we are loyal to? If we see that… Continue reading Don’t Be A Dog


Give A Man A Mask

Prompt: From a young age, we are taught that we should pursue our own interests and goals in order to be happy. But society today places far too much value on individual success and achievement. In order to be truly happy, we must help others as well as ourselves. In fact, we can never be… Continue reading Give A Man A Mask


Prompt: In today's complex society there are many activities and interests competing for our time and attention. We tend to think that the more choices we have in life, the happier we will be. But having too many options--choices about how to spend our time or what interests to pursue--can be overwhelming and can make… Continue reading Philosophy

Insert Verbose Title

Prompt: Many people think that the most important life experiences are the complex and difficult ones, such as learning a new skill, finding a solution to a problem, or overcoming a great obstacle. These experiences, which can be unpleasant at times, are worthwhile because of what we learn from them. However, simple joys can be… Continue reading Insert Verbose Title

I’m Not Qualified To Write This

Prompt: When people are very enthusiastic--always willing and eager to meet new challenges or give undivided support to ideas or projects--they are likely to be rewarded. They often work harder and enjoy their work more than do those who are more restrained. But there are limits to how enthusiastic people should be. People should always… Continue reading I’m Not Qualified To Write This

We’re All Terrible People (Which Means We’re Good As Well)

Prompt: Many people argue that it is impossible to create a perfect society because humanity itself is imperfect and any attempt to create such a society leads to the loss of individual freedom and identity. Therefore, they say, it is foolish to even dream about a perfect society. Others, however, disagree and believe not only… Continue reading We’re All Terrible People (Which Means We’re Good As Well)

A Brief History of Hollywood

With the release of "Pixels" last year in 2015, those who are not easily distracted and entertained by explosions and fire can clearly see Hollywood has suffered in quality, but boosted in quantity. However, it hasn't always been that way. Because of Thomas Edison's zealous effort to protect his patents for the first ever successful video… Continue reading A Brief History of Hollywood