About – Poem

on this blog you’ll find
a diverse range of posts
short stories, poems and world views
and just simply anecdotes

i strive to become a writer
and no, it’s not just a phase
i’m not being a doctor or lawyer
so i don’t expect your praise

occasionally i’ll write something
that won’t see the front page
it probably contains an offending topic
born completely out of rage

but i hope you enjoy this standard poem
and this pretty crappy blog
i can’t find another rhyme
so i will just say frog


123 thoughts on “About – Poem”

  1. I’m sorry to interrupt this discussion, but I couldn’t find the right place to report a flaw in your “PRO-LIFE…” poll. As defined, the two choices don’t appear to be mutually exclusive (and I was tempted to check both choices), but you used those radio buttons. Had you defined pro-life as “advocating against legal abortion” so that they were mutually exclusive however, I would NOT have been in agreement with all of your comments below the survey. In that case the question wouldn’t have been about how you feel about abortion, but how you feel about forcing others to do things your way. Although I promise never to have an abortion (possibly due to my age), I would oppose any laws so dictating. But now I’ve forced my opinion on you so I need to go.

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    1. Really I was just stating WHY I’m pro-choice. I understand that labels like “pro-choice” and “pro-life” dictates an exclusive opinion that you may not conform to, but I was being general. Also, I can only use the button things. You’re only able to choose one. But I know that everyone has different opinions on the matter, especially ones that don’t fix exactly “pro-choice” or “pro-life”, but I was being general. (:

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  2. I saw something on the forum that bothered me and I need to clarify for you. You said God loves everyone. I hate to break it to you but he does not. Your first verse was John 3:16. In this very you need to read every word not just what you want to hear. “whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” is the very key to this verse. Read on to verse 18 “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” Now what he is saying in John 3:16 is that the “world” is “his people” it does NOT mean the ENTIRE world. Now we are required to love our enemies. SO you are right that Eva was wrong for saying that. But, we are told to hate what God hates. Now I don’t know that God hates my enemy he might be one of God’s chosen people. SO I will Love him and Hate him if I KNOW God hates him. Now God says clearly in the Bible that he Hated Esau. You cannot change those words like so many try. Jesus did NOT pay for Esau’s sin. Esau was not chosen. Now this is the opposite of a Mean God (I know hard to believe but let me explain) We ALL deserve death and Hell. But, God chose MANY to be his saved children . Many not all. That is Grace and kindness NOT mean and evil. Think about it he could have left us chosen to death and Hell! Now please consider this. Many people tell me I am crazy and that I AM THE ONE TWISTING THE BIBLE. You don’t believe me study it plainly and don’t twist what God said to fit comfort for yourself. I am sry this is so long. But, if you are going to defend God please do it correctly by reading exactly what it says. And no I didn’t come up with this myself it is clear in the Bible. Before you reply make sure you know what you are talking about.

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    1. Listen, you believe what you believe. I do not believe in RELIGION, and whether I believe in God or not is irrelevant in that matter. However, I was taught that God loves everyone, and those who love him in return shall be granted eternal life in Heaven, which is perfect.

      Sorry if I somehow offended you, but religion is a sensitive topic and that was not my intention.

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      1. Um…this is weird. :/

        I was always taught that God loves everyone. He doesn’t look at a criminal and hate him just because he made wrong decisions. He’s GOD.

        I don’t know though, I’m not like a church girl or anything. :v

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  3. LANI HELP ME!!!! *starts choking on my tears* I just searched your blog for like half an hour trying to find your “Spongebob’s Guide To Living Life to the Fullest” post and I can’t find it anywhere……….I just wanted to see it again…. )’:

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          1. Yea. They’re kinda pushy, and opinionated. I think it’s because most of them are Christians but idk. You could maybe ask your dad to take you out? There are a lot of other free homeschooling programs. Or…..public school. Idk. I wanna go back to public school, because then I’d have a lot more friends. Also a life. xD

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          2. Same. That’s why I am not already back. My parents HATE public school. And they always point out the bad things about it, but I don’t think they know how it feels. They were never home schooled, so they can’t make me if I don’t want to. Like I’d ever say that to their face though….

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  4. Heyyy I saw what Ram said on the df. By the time I got there, most of the messages were edited, but I did see that he called you an “attention whore”. I just wanted you to know that I got your back. I talked to him in our private chat and told him it wasn’t your fault. And that you had anxiety and stuff, and you had every right to post your poems. So yea. (:

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    1. It wasn’t about poems. I asked if anyone was there by saying “Do I have to write a lot of eulogies, or are you guys just lurking in the shadows?” Apparently, he thought I was trying to be annoying poetic, which is not the case.

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          1. He didn’t apologize in the private chat…but yes it WAS uncalled for. I’m really sorry it hurt your feelings, I don’t even understand it completely… :0

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          1. I think he wants me to be successful. Like all I wanna do with my life is make my dad proud, and I think the only way to do that is be successful at a young age.

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  5. Heyyy, it’s me again. xD ANYWAYS, what do you think is the difference between a book idea, and a story idea? I obviously know a book is longer, but how do you think of different ideas for the two? Thanks (:

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    1. Well, surprisingly, I’ve never written a book. I’ve written short stories, though.

      A book idea is one with a plot and a climax, with an ending that SHOULD leave the readers satisfied, unless you want to go on a Harry Potter tangent. For example, if you wanted to make your idea (about the portals ‘n such) into a book, try making original characters that cross paths and have a complex plot. The reason why I said your idea sounded like a short story rather than a book is because you can’t continue that plotline across a span of many chapters. Eventually, you’d run out of words to describe the adventures, and you’d have to develop a plot that engages the readers continually.

      What I’m saying, in short, is that your idea will make it difficult to prolong it INTO a book.

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      1. Well, please don’t kill yourself, then I would have no more good poems to read. (; But…ik, getting in internet fights is even worse, I think. Because then u just feel more helplessness. Anyway, Jaden is REALLY hard headed, but not everybody is like that! He is just one less person, so I think the best thing to do is ignore him, and if he talks directly to u, then brush him off. Maybe reading some fanfictions will restore ur faith in humanity? (;

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  6. Okay, Lani. I was thinking in med last night, so I just thought I’d comment on ur blog to give u some advice. :) Here goes…

    I don’t know about u, but I share a bedroom with my 2 sisters. They go to bed 1 hour later than me. I go to bed at 9, and them at 10. It’s not until my sisters come to bed that a start to feel a lot of anxiety. The reason why is that when I go to bed, I leave my door open so light from the hallway shines in, and I have my radio on. Usually, this helps me to feel okay. But I can’t sleep that well with a lot of light, so I just put on an eye cover. I just like knowing that the light is there. I know it;s strange, but bear with me. ;) Once my sisters come to bed, they close the door, turn my radio off, and then I start to feel really anxios, like I’m gonna stop breathing or something. I don’t know if that’s the kind of anxiety u have, but that’s how I feel. And so I always try to fall asleep within 1 hour, so I am already asleep b4 my sisters come to bed. So I just close my eyes and put on my eye cover, and focus really hard on the darkness. I just stare into the black and I just look at it for as long as I can b4 I lose my focus or start thinking about something else. It may seem easy to look at the dark, but it’s pretty hard lol. ;) And then I just start praying. Like I thank God for everything He blessed me with, I pray He’ll forgive me of my sins, I pray I’ll have a good night, so on and so on. And I just pray and focus on the darkness really hard until I fall asleep, and most of the time, it’s b4 my sisters come to bed. :)

    I don’t know if that was just a bunch of rambling, but I really hope I helped. :)

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    1. I don’t share a bedroom with my brother. I also don’t have a problem with the darkness. It’s just this looming feeling of anxiety. I tend to be a deep thinker (wow, betcha didn’t know that!), and that leads to unnecessary anxiety about other things. I can’t help it, though. I’m afraid of being lonely (I am lonely, which makes it worse), and knowing that I am alone in my thoughts scares me even more. I feel as if I’m going insane because I’m the only person who thinks EXACTLY this way.

      It’s gotten worse, over time, and it doesn’t go away as easily as you think (and I’d like).

      Thanks for trying to help, and I definitely accept help, but it’s difficult to take what other people do and apply it to what you’re feeling, because you can’t explain something to someone if they’re not feeling it. And also knowing that makes me self aware and that just makes it worse.

      But, again, thank you for helping. (:

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      1. Yea, I would feel the same way if someone tried to tell me what to do about MY anxiety. I guess u kind of just have to find you’re own ways to handle it really.. I think I know what ur talking about, feeling alone in ur thoughts and really alone in this world, bcuz even though there are so many people around u, only you is you. I guess u might describe it as a feeling of helplessness. This got worse for me when I was learning about the universe as u could imagine, like what if we really are the only living things in this vast space. That made me feel a lot worse about it. Anyway, I tried, and best of luck. :)

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  7. You are just like me in the way of pens! ha ha ha. exsept that I, for some reason, chew the top of most of my pens. They all have to have enough ink to where I don’t need to press down on them. So ya I have quite a few pens in my room…
    :) :) :) -abby livin’ in her lellow house!

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      1. That’s right! :D If you go to my blog, I made a post on my little quirky things. Its under my tab, Daily journal, then go down to what’s happening. It’s there. Put down in the comments the things that we are the same about! :)

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  8. You remind me of my only sister (i have 1 sister and 4 brothers, in Dec. I am getting ANOTHER sibling) because my birthday is in Feb. and her birthday is in Jan. I’m 12 also and turning 13 in Feb. 2016 and love traveling, I have been to 23/50 states and 4 other countries besides the USA. :)

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