i am okay ❤️


Published by lani rodriguez

16 year old writer from Florida 🌺

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  1. If this is the real Lani, then you should know (or hear) that one does not need to apologize for having a life, especially a full life, as one with architecture and design and music – a life worth living and the type of life that others would like to read about, I would think.

    Interestingly, I have issues with architects, but as a female architect, you could right a few wrongs that should have been righted years ago (FWIW, writing a few wrongs, as my grammar checker would prefer I said, would probably make you more popular). An architect without ideas, however, isn’t likely to separate themselves from the crowd.

    Looking ahead, I see you might be back. Welcome, and thank you! I’ll be back later to discuss internal struggles, possible greed, and other things. Again, thank you.

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