i’ve had this blasted blog for 3 years now

i move through life with catalogued motions;
conscious beats of my heart
punctuated with beatings of my brain


Published by lani rodriguez

16 year old writer from Florida 🌺

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  1. hahaha 3 years? u noob ive had mine for 3 and one half. psych i havent posted in a year 1 month 2 weeks and 3 days. ironic. anywho i like your (cryptic) note. hows it hangin ol mate?


          1. and so young too. not that i know anything about anything (literally) but maybe you’re just in a bad place. you might feel better in a few weeks or months. it happens to me all the time and i only know cause i read back through my journal everyone in a while. july 2017 i wrote: “daisy i am truly feeling so inspired and so motivated right now, and i think that i am so blessed and so grateful to be alive.” august 4th: “daisy i love my dad so so so so so much i could never ask for a better dad” sept 22: i just want to trip in a ditch and lay there for a long long time. all energy and motivation has left me. and i feel like shit” oct 9th: i wish i could fix myself. i just dont get why happiness is so fragile and delicate, so hard to attain, yet you can lose it in an instant” obviously there was a lot in between there and i didnt include anything personal (im an addict i can be in the same room with paper and a pen without becoming a writing whore) but when i wrote those things i actually felt them pretty hardcore, soggy paper and all.*cringe* so im just saying things can change. and im really not trying to play therapist in fact i dont know what im going on about bc im just as dumb as everybody else lmao but whatever you wanna do with all that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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