this is what i contribute to humanity

there’s roses and lilies
and ponds full of tears
of children who forget
the best of their years.
there’s clouds made of fluff
from toys torn apart
and there’s raindrops of red
from the blood in their heart.

their voices are broken;
they’re wound up no more.
not afraid of who’s asking
for the devil at their door
they don’t sing like angels,
they know not to obey
they know just what to do
and what not to say.

i miss my friends
when we’d joke about the end
when the end of time that we imagined
was when our lives began.
i miss my friends
when they’d talk through my small hands
my voice still sounds the same
but they don’t understand.

i miss the sky
when it was simply blue.
but now i know
light ruins everything for you.
i miss the stars
that disappeared in the day.
i stayed up late so they could hear me say,

“i will never say goodbye,”
but now i go to sleep.